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In 1985 Jonny Enger started as a supplier for Schenker, at the time Auto Transit. He started out with a simple container vehicle delivering locally in Oslo. With the vision to deliver quality, the company that in 1996 became “Jonny Enger Transport AS” have had a very good growth.

The companies success has been possible due to merging and acquisition, and in 2008 Erfa Transportation bought former Veitransport AS. Having merged these companies Veitransport continued to be the brand name, and is today one of the leading providers of transport services in Norway.

In 2012 a new administration building was built in Ytre Enebakk. Veitransport then could dispose a workshop, a car wash, a tire center , a diesel- and AdBlue plant in addition to areas for storage of both transportation units and alternating units.

In 2012 Veikran AS started up, and has also had a good steady growth since its startup. With the focus on delivering transportation services with cranes, and with the same vision of quality Veikran AS has established itself as a major player on the market for crane trucks in eastern Norway.

In 2014 Veireno AS was established as a result of the acquisition of Mathisen Renovation AS. Again with the same vision as the two remaining companies, the waste disposal industry is expected to also benefit from the expertise and quality that these companies can offer.

The same year VT Gruppen AS was formed as a joint management unit for the companies Veitransport, Veikran and Veireno. This was done to gather expertise and the administration, as well as the workshop, carwash and tire center to waht has become the heart of the operation.

By collecting expertise in this way, we expect to continue to make impact in the delivering market through our vision:

Quality all the way!

About VT Gruppen

VT Gruppen is the collective term for the companies Veitransport and Østkran. The companies common feature is that they perform transportation services, but they each deliver services within their separate special field. The motto for all companies is “we will deliver quality throughout.” Overall, the group has approximately 160 years behind them and 115 cars in operation every day. If you want to read more about the companies follow the links to the right.


Organization Chart

Organization Chart


Safety and quality should be a continuous improvement process. Health and safety should be a top priority in all tasks. The people who work for VT Gruppen are our most important resources. In order to ensure this the company’s main objective is that all employees return after a day of work as healthy as when they arrived. As a contribution to achieve this we have introduced the “zero” philosophy. The goal to this philosophy is that all our activities are carried out without any injury.

VT Gruppen has its own garage and carwash in its premises in Ytre Enebakk.

The garage has five mechanics employed full time, and perform maintenance and repairs on all of our vehicles. It is fully equipped with all utilities, including diagnostic equipment for all types of vehicles.

In addition to the mechanical garage we have a tire center for tires and chains. We also have our own car wash for heavy vehicles.


Veitransport has for many years provided transportation services that cover most needs. Long experience and versatile services has made us a natural choice for a variety of clients.


Østkran delivers most types of shuttle services with crane, both to the construction industry and to the market in general. Our fleet consists of 14 new cars with tow hangers that can also be provided with a job.


Any questions?

Any questions?

  • Landskaugveien 27, 1914 Ytre Enebakk
  • Phone: +47 23 37 71 00, E-mail: post@vtgruppen.no
  • Orgnr.: NO 913 748 867